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Highway Bridge At Rockport, Kentucky!
Crossing The Green River.
Stat by jrd on 6/24/07. Photo by jrd.
Updated Code on 7/9/16

The Rockport Highway 62 Bridge Crossing At Rockport.

Above is now.
Picture was taken by jrd in August of 2006. Nice looking bridge and river.


Below was then.

Picture below was provided by Hilma. She has been busy looking at old books in the Owensboro Library.
Thanks Hilma.

The Rockport Highway 62 Bridge Crossing At Rockport.

I need a little help on the "Bridge Construction Picture". Remember, the old highway 62 used to turn where the City Of Rockport Storage Building is now located. This is just to the left of the Post Office, if you are going toward the river on Main Street. From there Old Highway 62 went through town to the Ferry at Green River. The new bridge was to replace the ferry. That leaves a road of less than a half mile to be built from post office building to the new highway bridge over Green River. This road pictured is that construction. It looks to me that the photographer is standing with his back to the river and looking toward the post office building. That is the only way that I can visualize the picture. Is that Bert Reid's house in the background behind the two supervisors? Hope they did not get those white shoes dirty. Just behind the right bank is another house. Is that Ghee Garret's house? My big problem is that "Tank Hill" on the left and the hill on the right are not as high as they are supposed to be. Of course, this project is to make a "Cut" through this hill so that the roadway will be level prior to crossing the river. If they dig down ten more feet, then the two hills will be the size that I think they are supposed to be. How about some ideas from the readers? Do you agree with what has been written? Any other ideas or disagreements to what I have written? I will make corrections if you can convince me where I have gone wrong.

A nice looking bridge, but very dull for a young lad to play on, as compared to the railroad bridge. You could not enjoy climbing or playing on the bridge, as there was just not sufficient places nor means to climb on. There was no middle pier to jump from and the approach is a long way from the river. The general area of the bridge was not a very good place to swim. Just a dull bridge as far as a young lad was concerned. I do remember one fun area, but it is gone now. On the Rockport side of the river and just down from the bridge there was an old loading dock. Suspect that it was left over from the Rockport Mine operation. By the time that I was old enough to get to the river, the dock was mostly gone, but a lot of old creosote poles were still standing in the river. In and around these post was a good place to fish and fishing from the bank was the norm. It seems that we always were able to catch several nice white perch or "Drum". We also could catch all of the "Shiner" minnows that we had time for, as long as the bait held out. We never found much use for the "Shiners" until Mr. George Clark showed us how to catch big bass from Ken Lake using shiners as bait, but that was several years later and another story. In this area, the old Green River was deep. It was just not a very good place to swim. Just a few feet from the bank, the river would be over our head and then it was either "Sink Or Swim". We tried to stay on the steep bank and even had "Steps" cut in the bank as a safety precaution. Other than for fishing, we did not spend much time in this area. The railroad bridge area was much more enjoyable.

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