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~~ John H. Render ~~
U. S. Air Force-Retired

Information from Sue Render and Hilma Stewart.
Thanks you two.

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John Harrison Render was born January 23, 1930 at the Render farm on Highway 62. Johnny was a member of the 1947 Rockport High School Class. Johnny entered the Air Force in 1948 retiring in 1968. Johnny served in the Korean and Viet Nam wars, most of the rest of his years in the Air Force was in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha AFB was the home of some of the large SAC Bombers used during the Cold War. The B-49 and the B-52 bombers were used as long range bombers during this time in history. Johnny was an aircraft mechanic.

Johnny was first married to Bobbie Fulkerson of Echols. To this marriage one child Teresia was born. This marriage dissolved. During his service years in Omaha, he met and married Lou Witte in November of 1956. To this marriage three daughters Kim, Pam and Angela were born.

After retiring to Lincoln, Nebraska Johnny became an avid hunter and especially enjoyed pheasant hunting. His bird dogs were well trained. Johnny found an interest in raising and showing his dogs winning many awards. On several occasions, classmate Glen and his brother Jimmy Stewart would visit for the fall pheasant season. John loved the Nebraska countryside, but with his declining health returned to Kentucky in the spring of 1992. He lived with his daughter Teresia and family in Fordsville, KY until his death in July 1992.

Thanks to Hilma and Sue for the information on Johnny Render.

John H. Render

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