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Rockport Heroes Remembered!
Number Three Of The Air Force Series Of Rockport Heroes.

Photos Furnished By Jim Beck.
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Time May Be Immortal-Soldiers Are Not!

Jim Beck
Jim Beck

Jim, in Washington D. C. receiving the White House Service Badge after serving there for 5 years.

"Rockport Area Soldiers. Our Real Heroes"

Jim Beck

Jim Beck was a 1955 Rockport High School Graduate and on June 5, 1955, he and Jimmy Durbin volunteered for service in the Air Force. They were sent to Sampson Air Force Base, in Geneva, NY, to start their basic training. After basic training, Jim and Jimmy went their separate ways. Jim's military career consisted of serving 20 years in the Air Force, and in August of 1975, Jim retired as a Senior Master SGT. According to Jim, it was an enjoyable and rewarding period of my life, but it was time to enter civilian life. The following information was sent to me by Jim Beck.

August 1955-April 1956 Scott AFB, IL Ground Radio Repair School.

May 1956-Nov 1957 Itazuke AFB, Japan Ground Radio Repair.

Nov 1957-Oct 1960 Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC Ground Radio Repair.

Nov 1960-Nov 1961 Iceland Ground Radio Repair.

Dec 1961-Sep 1964 Keesler AFB MS Instuctor, Ground Radio Repair.

Oct 1964-Aug 1975 White House Communications Special Radio Systems.
Agency, Washington, DC.

From Oct 1964 until Aug 1975, I was a member of special team in Washington D. C. for White House Communications. We provided Radio/Satellite Communications For the President, Vice President, former Presidents and 1st family members in Washington and abroad.


Thanks Jim, for your service to our country.

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