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Rockport Graduates Of 1943!
1940 Series Of Class Of 1943.
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There were eight Rockport High School graduates in 1943.

1. Leota Fay Fraim.
2. Jenell Fulkerson.
3. Marjorie Gray.
4. Murl Miller.
5. James J. Reid.
6. Iva Tayor.
7. Charles Vinson.
8. Gloria Heltsley Jackson.

1. Leota Fay Fraim. I have no information on Leota. Will update if info becomes available.

2. Jenell Fulkerson. See below for pic and write-up.

3. Marjorie Gray. No information available.

4. Murl Miller. No information available.

5. James J. Reid. See below for write-up.

6. Iva Taylor. No info available.

7. Charles Vinson. No info available.

8. Gloria Heltsley Jackson. See below for write-up.

Rockport High School Class of 1943.

In the Spring of 1943 when this High School Class graduated, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president of the United States and Henry A. Wallace was the vice president. A Western Kentucky native, Alben W. Barkley (D-KY) was the Speaker of the House. There was a World War raging on two fronts, one against the Japanese in the Pacific Theater and one against the Germans in Europe and North Africa. German General Rommel had launched an offensive against Allied Forces in Tunisia for a first major battle defeat against the United States. Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands, was finally secured; it is the first major achievement of the American offensive in the Pacific war. The new, Rockport High School, male graduates would soon be offered a job when they received their "greeting" or "Draft" notices from the U. S. government.

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James J. Reid

James "Jamie" Reid graduated from Rockport High School in 1943, but prior to him being a Rockport Alumni, he was an alumnus of his grandmother's, Mrs. Kevil, home schooling on how to be a successful grocery man. Even as a high school student, Jamie was being taught and working with and for Mrs. Kevil in her small grocery on Main Street in Rockport. After graduating from High School and serving his country as a soldier in World War II, Jamie returned to his roots and took over his grandmother's business. After a lifetime of small town grocery operations in Rockport, Jamie retired. I can remember his first store which was a continuation of Mrs. Kevil's mercantile business. The store was huge, located on Main Street, and with no type of a "Off Street" parking lot. A lot of the customers just walked to the store for their business. The right section of the building complex, if you were facing the store with your back to Main Street, was the "Seasonal and Large Items" types of merchandise. Animal food and supplies, seemed to be forever present in that right side of the store with "Gardening" supplies becoming more predominant in the Spring and hunting and cold weather needs taking over in the Fall. There always seem to be some "Fifty Pound Grass Sacks" of something in that part of the store. There was a separate entry to the right side of the store, but for the most part, that door seemed to be forever closed. It did not matter anyway, as if one wanted to enter that part of the building, a checker game had to be interrupted. Those three concrete steps made the best place that could be found to play checkers. The top step was perfect for a checker board pattern to be painted with shoe polish and with glass "Pop" bottle caps furnished by Jamie, presto a checker game could be started in the spur of the moment. Countless hours were spent on those steps with games ranging from "Leaners" to "Semi-Professionals". Many a time, some intense checker games, by the better players, would draw a crowd and it was not uncommon for a half dozen or so natives to be standing around those steps watching a checker game. At the time, if you were a male living in Rockport, and you got out of the house, sooner or later you would sit down on those well known steps and play a game of checkers.

After Jamie's military career was over, he returned to Rockport and married Loraine Gaither from Beaver Dam. They settled in the Kevil house on the next street behind the store. A son and a daughter were born and living and raising a family in that time frame was a joy. With the Green River only a few blocks away, and a High School not much further in the other direction, life was simple as compared to today's standards.

Obituary of Loraine Reid from Danks Funeral Home:

Loraine G. Reid

Loraine Gaither Reid, 86 of Rockport, Kentucky passed away Monday, February 6, 2017, at Ohio County Hospital. She was born May 3, 1930 in Spring Lick, Kentucky to the late Avery and Tassie Givens Gaither. Loraine was a member of Rockport Presbyterian Church, the Ohio County Hospital Women's Auxiliary, and Ohio County Hospital Governing Board from 1978 to 1981. Mrs. Reid was employed by The Beaver Dam Telephone Exchange, as a Dental Assistant for Dr. Washburn, and she also worked in her husband's store, Reid's Grocery.

Mrs. Reid was preceded in death by her parents and her husband, James J. Reid; parents; and eight brothers and sisters, Wilburn "Red" Gaither, Hontus Gaither, Marjorie Krickovich, Richard Gaither, Ralph Gaither, James Gaither, Mandy Gaither, and Velma Dale Barnard. Survivors include her son, James C. Reid of Rockport; her daughter, Cynthia Wilson and husband Alan of Beaver Dam. Loraine was blessed with one grandson, Jesse Raley; two great-grandsons, Holden and Cole Raley, three brothers, Gene (Evelyn) Gaither of Echols, Jack (Neila) Gaither of Gilbertsville and Joe (Trish) Gaither of Drakesboro; one sister, Barbara Quisenberry of Johnson City, Tennessee, and several nieces and nephews.    Funeral Services will be held at 1:00 P.M. Thursday, February 9, 2017, at William L. Danks Funeral Home in Beaver Dam with Carol Brand officiating. Burial will follow in Reid Cemetery in Rockport. Friends may visit with Mrs. Reid's family from 5-8 P.M. Wednesday and 9 A.M. until the time of service Thursday at the funeral home.

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James J. Reid-Soldier.

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Jenell Fulkerson

Jenell Fulkerson was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fulkerson of Echols. She was born and raised in the Echols community and started her formal schooling at #19 school. After she received her elementary education at #19 school, she transferred to Rockport High school and Graduated in 1943. In this time frame, a high school school graduate could teach school under certain conditions and those conditions were met, so Jenell tried teaching school the next year after she graduated. Teaching was not to be for Jenell as she decided at a very young age that she did not want to be a school marm.

Jenell married Bert Neal Wilcox soon after graduating from high school. Their family consisted of about five children including a set of twins. I am not aware of the exact number of children, nor do I have information on their grandchildren. The family moved to Louisville shortly after Jenell married and they made their home in Louisville. The retirement years were also spent in Louisville.

Bert Wilcox passed away several years ago. Jenell passed away in 2013.

Gloria Heltsley.

Gloria Heltsley was born and raised in Rockport and graduated from Rockport High School in 1943. She married Leo Jackson. Leo was in the Army in this time frame and I think Gloria married Leo before she graduated. They made their home in Rockport. Their daughter Sandra, was also able to grow up and attend Rockport High School, but the high school was closed before Sandra was able to graduate and she ended up graduating from Beaver Dam High School.

I do not have a picture of Gloria. If someone would share any picture they have of Gloria, I would appreciate their effort in sharing and would use it on this page. Also, if anyone has any more information on Gloria and be willing to share, I would use it on this page. Thanks for looking.


Iva Taylor.

Iva Taylor was born and raised in Rockport and the sister of Cecil, Oral, Ishmel, and Dorothy Taylor. It seems like that I grew up knowing Oral, Ishmel and Dorothy, but never knew Cecil nor Iva. Soon after graduating from Rockport High School, she left Rockport. I think that she died at a young age, but my knowledge of Iva is very limited. Help is needed on the write-up of Iva Taylor. Would appreciate your input if you would share your knowledge of Iva. Also, if you have any type of a picture that you could share, I would use it on this page and be in debt to you for your generosity.

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