Number 19 School.
A jrd Stat on 6/10/07.

This picture of Number 19 School was made in 1914.

Front Row-Left To Right: Clara White, Everett Chinn, Harry Wydic, Wango Ross, Luther Payton, Oscar Tomblin, Vivian Robertson, Alva Ross.

Second Row;Left To Right: Lillie White, Raymond Shafer, Sam Ashby, Wallace Fulkerson, Orville Robinson, Earl Payton, Rosco Robinson, Ursel Chinn, Clarence Bowen, Loften Stewart.

Third Row-Left To Right: Agness Ashby, Jessie Graham, Mary Jane Quinn, Madeline Crowder, Mary Jane Fulkerson, Gustie Stewart, Sofia Fulton, Martha Southard, Unknown, Mary Fulkerson, Frank Robinson, Leslie Bowen.

Fourth Row-Left To Right: Geneva McConnel, Ethel Shafer, Pauline Wydic, Pecola Fulton, Mary Ashby, Anna Thelma Chinn, Climmer Stewart, Marie Graham, Lorena Ross, Unknown, Walter Fulkerson, Earl McConnel, Aubrey Dale Robinson.

Fifth Row-Left To Right: Bea McConnel, Marvin Ross, Maude Geary, Marie Crowder, Edith Fulkerson, Anna Bower, Effie Fulkerson, Chester Fulton, Clyde Robinson, Clifton Robinson. Harvey Robinson.

Sixth Row-Left To Right: Anna Shafer, Lizzie Chinn, Carrie Southard, Alta Robinson, Ruth Graham, Nolva Ross, Ethil Dowel Robertson, Ruth Hammond, (Teacher) Clarice Chinn, Maggie Hunter, Maggie Tomblin, Mary Sue Johnson, Ovil Cooper, and Roy McConnel.

Isn't this a fine bunch of students.
MIDI File is "Longing For Good Old Broadway" by Cole Porter. Cole Porter, Noel Coward, and Gershwin were a few of the song writers and artists in the early 20th Century.

See you........

"Number 19 School in Ohio County, Kentucky. 1914 Version Of A Class Of Kentucky Students."

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