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Number 19 School.
1927 School Year.
Photo From The Lorene Fulkerson Collection.
Music Tune Is A 1928 Version of "When Your Smiling".
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NO. 19 School, Class of 1927.

Another fine looking bunch of students from the old Number 19 school. This school was located across from Harvey Robinson's Grocery. Or, if you don't remember Harvey Robinson's Grocery, this school was located on the outside bend of the big curve on Hwy 1245 coming down the hill from Echols. Number 19 School was located in a valley with Echols being on the Rockport side of the school and Chinn Hill being on the Rochester Road Side. I don't remember the school nor the school building. My father told me that he used to drive a wagon past the school and going toward Chinn Hill and the Rochester Road. As he would pass the school, he would holler "School Butter" and the older students would try to leave the school to chase after him. What "School Butter" meant and why it made the students mad is beyond me. My father would laugh every time that he told the story, thus there may be more to the story than I know.

Hope you're all gonna have a great day ahead.

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"Number 19 was in operation from the late early tens until the late thirties."

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