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Number 19 School.
1935 School Year.
Photo From The Lorene Fulkerson Collection.

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Music Is A 1935 Version Of "Back To Those Happy Days".

Number 19 School-Year 1934-35
Number 19 School 1934-1935.
Grades 4,5,6,7,and 8. Arthur Wilson - Teacher.

Front Row-Left To Right: Carl Fulkerson, Cecil Fulkerson, Earnest Fulkerson, Hildred Fulkerson, Neal Cooper, Earnest Fulkerson, and Rodney Robinson.

Second Row-Left To Right: Roy Graves, Norma Graves, Sylvia Singleton, Cora Huff, Carrie Singleton, Christine Robinson, Lois Robinson, Dorthy Fulkerson, Janell Fulkerson, Marteen Stewart and Osburn Ross.

Third Row-Left To Right: Arthur Wilson (Teacher), Milburn Ross, Forest Fulton, Marion Stevens, Thelma Robinson, Carrie Ashby, Helen Graves, Dolly Sailings, Hazel Huff, Chlorene Cooper, Lucille Robinson, Audry Bowen and Cora Robinson.

Back Row-Left To Right: Elwood Stewart, Elizabeth Givens, Doretta Singleton, Guy Fulkerson, Mabel Shafer, Mildred Fulkerson, Orel Singleton, Florence Sailings, Juanita Stewart and Everett Fulkerson.

Another group of fine looking students. I knew a lot of this bunch and they all grew up to be fine citizens. Some even settled in this area to raise their families. Most had to move north, at first, for work. At that, some were also able to resettle back in Ohio County. Retirement for some has been back to the local area or within a hundred miles of the area. May they forever be remembered.

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