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Rockport Remembered!
April Edition 2017.

God Bless America!

April 2017!

Ah, Summer is approaching.

This has been a bad month for losing friends and kin of the Rockport area. It seems that every other day there has been a funeral for a past or present Rockport Area family to attend. The local funeral homes have been busy. Hopefully these sad, but necessary events will abate somewhat.

Note: Have added obituaries of Billy G. Welborn and Pat Render to the 1949 Class. Added Coleen Stewart's obituary to the 1947 Class. Also have done more work on the classes of the forties. Click on link below to view Rockport Web Page on the Rockport High School Students of the nineteen forties. Have now updated most of the forties' web pages.

Nineteen Forties Classes.

After you look over the 1940s Students Page, feel free to read and to look at some more pages about the students of Rockport High School. Just click on the "Back" button to be taken back to the "Rockport Student's Page". From there, click on any of the selection buttons to visit all of the students pages of Rockport High School or visit other area schools. Hope you enjoy.

On September 3, 2016 at 5:00 pm, the biennial reunion of the Rockport High School took place at the Ohio County High School Cafeteria. Approximately 110 former students, friends, and kin enjoyed "Happy Hour" from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Afterwards, a fitting dinner was served and was followed by a preplanned program. It seems that all present enjoyed the get together and the activities that took place, with those present ranging from ages 5 to 97. Again this year, Miles McCombs was awarded a plaque for being the oldest alumni present and Lawana T. Nauman was awarded a plaque for being the youngest alumni in attendance.

I want to thank Larry Smith for using my spare digital camera and helping me take pictures of the reunion attendees. We had two cameras going at one time and may have overwhelmed some of the subjects. None-the-less, collectively, we ended up with a little over 150 photos. I will be presenting these pictures on the "Special" page of the Rockport/Echols Web site over the next few months and until I have showed all of what we have taken. Please try to understand, Larry and I tried to cover each and everyone at the reunion, but suspect we may have missed a few people. Nothing intentional, just two amateurs trying to take a few pictures for historic reminders of the past. My kin probably could care less, just hope yours may be different.

Wishing you the best for the year, 2017..

see you.....

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